Big Data Solution

Big Data Ready Operating System

We have load many big data software and don't need to install it manually.


Fully Optimized

Fully Optimized Operating System for Big Data

We have optimized this operating system for Big Data Processing Purpose.



Simplicity is the Best

We provides simplicity. Run any big data software just in one script.


GamaboxOS Features

GamaboxOS is more than an ordinary operating system. This is Big Data Operating System.

service 1

Big Data Ready

We have load any big data software in GamaboxOS, such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, Flume, and many more.

service 2

Cluster Ready

We have load cluster cluster software in GamaboxOS, such as MPICH. So you can create a cluster computer easily with GamaboxOS.

service 3

Fully Optimized

We have customized the linux kernel for Big Data Processing.

service 4


Just run one script to setup your big data infrastructure or cluster. You don't need configure it mannualy.

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